acilos manages your social network feeds: a private open source social valet running locally or in the cloud, accessible via desktop and mobile with a responsive Ux design.

The following steps will show you how to launch an acilos image on AWS

After you login or create a AWS account, open the ec2 console and select Launch Instance

Select Community AMIs and search for the acilos, pick the latest beta and choose select

Select the instance type then choose the Review and Launch open.  t1.micro are available as a free tier.

Configure an additional protocol for http as outlined below then select Review and Launch.  (You may consider restricting ssh access also)

Select Launch

Choose or create a new key par and select Launch Instance.

You will see the instance starting now and after a few minutes you will see it change to the running state.

Next you can go to the address listed under Public DNS and get the the acilos setup page.  For instructions proceed to the acilos Startup Walkthrough

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