acilos manages your social network feeds: a private open source social valet running locally or in the cloud, accessible via desktop and mobile with a responsive Ux design.

Public Query

With the release of Beta 9, you now can search the public feeds of Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  You even have the ability to save those to custom feeds and the polling system will continually save the public searches based on the search criteria you used.  You can also add the these searches to your main feed.  This give you the ability track interests or even brands that you wish to follow.


Custom Feeds

We have been working hard, testing and making sure acilos is a solid social media tool.  We have even been adding some additional features, and we hope you will see these in the next week or two.

Creating custom feeds is one of the powerful features provided by acilos.  With each custom feed, you can add search terms that limit the scope of what is displayed in that particular feed.

Some examples of how to leverage this include creating feeds for:

  • Monitoring the posts of your children and other family members to easily keep up with their news and activities.
  • Keeping abreast of news from colleagues, so you can quickly know when they post items of interest.  
  • Creating a feed following the local bands or entertainment venues you like, so you can easily find future events and performances in one simple feed.

You might miss posts which can fly by without the help of custom feeds.  Our goal is to make social media easier to manage and more efficient to use and enjoy.


Social "Valet"

One of the foundational concepts of acilos is to provide social "valet" cloud applications. Now cloud in this context means "software running someplace, 24x7, doing things for me." It can be in the Cloud or in a VM, but it's personal and accessible from anywhere (so it's not a self standing desktop or mobile app).  If you take a second and think, you can imagine many other ideas that could benefit from the social "valet" concept.  Costs will continue to decline for cloud instances, and eventually we could have several "valets" doing things for us and giving us what we are looking for, privately.

If you haven't tried it yet, give it a try.  Enjoy.

acilos beta Launch

acilos has been a concept bouncing around in our heads for a while.  We have been working on it off and on for over a year.  We wanted an easy way to keep up with social media with a single glance.  So we started playing with the concept mixed with the idea of a social "valet" server.

We started experimenting with various layouts and formats and settled on focusing on the feeds.  Giving the ability to browse a main feed and even create custom feeds.  On the backend we leverage elastic search so anything is searchable back to the time you first turn on acilos.  

The other interesting driving factor is privacy. We wanted to give people a way to assimilate all their social media, but not necessarily have to give up access to some additional aggregation company's ability to do it too.  This is why the social "valet" server is a key aspect.  We also decided that we did not want our key tied to your data. That is why you have to take the extra steps when you first launch it, to set up your own personal app keys at each social site. In the end it's more secure for you.  

Finally, we hope you enjoy acilos, and if you are a developer you can even customize it and contribute back your mods to the community.  Have Fun!

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