acilos manages your social network feeds: a private open source social valet running locally or in the cloud, accessible via desktop and mobile with a responsive Ux design.

Social "Valet"

One of the foundational concepts of acilos is to provide social "valet" cloud applications. Now cloud in this context means "software running someplace, 24x7, doing things for me." It can be in the Cloud or in a VM, but it's personal and accessible from anywhere (so it's not a self standing desktop or mobile app).  If you take a second and think, you can imagine many other ideas that could benefit from the social "valet" concept.  Costs will continue to decline for cloud instances, and eventually we could have several "valets" doing things for us and giving us what we are looking for, privately.

If you haven't tried it yet, give it a try.  Enjoy.

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