acilos manages your social network feeds: a private open source social valet running locally or in the cloud, accessible via desktop and mobile with a responsive Ux design.

acilos allows you to interact with your social networks in a unified, clean and simple interface.  

You can:

  • Merge your social networks into a single feed, making it easy to keep up to date with those you follow from your desktop, tablet and pocket devices.

  • Create custom feeds based on social networks, users, keywords and timeframes.

  • Flag posts or people as favorites to easily refer back to them.

  • Post across selected networks and even schedule posts for a specific time.

  • Analyze activity and produce word clouds based on your social content.

Setting up acilos takes a little extra time.  The steps of setting up your own app keys with each respective social network enables privacy, so you do not have to share your aggregate social data with us or another 3rd party.  To protect this privacy you can run acilos locally or in your own personal cloud instance.  All this gives you peace of mind with your aggregate social data.


Below are the highlights of what acilos can do for you.

Merged Feed Reading


acilos provides a merged view of your social media feeds.  Its responsive design allows for advanced resizing and use on modern devices.  The merged Feed displays all the things you expect such as Facebook posts from those you follow, tweets and retweets, Instagram posts, and linkedIn posts, and even group posts for the groups you belong to. 

Sidebar View


With the responsive design of acilos you can easily resize a window to fit on the side of your screen, to view updates while you do other things.  You can even search among all the posts that acilos has collected for you.

Pocket Devices


The responsive design makes acilos easy to view on any platform, including tablets and pocket devices



Posting in acilos allows you to select which social network you want your posts to go to, even multiple accounts on the same one.  You can also select a time when you want you post to be sent out.

Selected Users View


acilos allows you to cut right to the the information you want by allowing you to select specfic users from a list of most recent, chattiest or alphabetical posts and just hit go and you can see their posts.



acilos allows you to analyze your friends by looking at the frequency of posts over time or even build word clouds for individual connections.

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