acilos manages your social network feeds: a private open source social valet running locally or in the cloud, accessible via desktop and mobile with a responsive Ux design.

acilos beta press release

March 26,  2014

Introducing acilos, A Private Valet For Your Social Media

Omnibond Systems, LLC, to offer versatile social media valet, acilos, available at, GitHub, and Amazon Web Services.

Clemson, SC  --- Today Omnibond announced the beta release of acilos, an easy and usable Web application that helps anyone to aggregate, filter, customize and send updates to social media feeds from Twitter*, Facebook*, LinkedIn* and Instagram*.

acilos, a free and open source tool, merges multiple social media feeds into a single, simple interface. acilos permits users to monitor and post to multiple social media accounts from one mobile and desktop friendly Web application, while keeping user privacy a top priority.

acilos makes it easy to find and respond to the social media posts most important to you. “This is simply what our developers call a cool app,” said Amy Cannon, Director of Sales and Business Development at Omnibond. “It’s infectious. Once you start using it, you’ll suddenly feel like you can’t live without it.”

“This was one of those projects that just grew from a seed of an idea,” said Boyd Wilson, Omnibond Executive and Chief Architect. “We have been working with responsive Ux designs and built acilos as a “what if” scenario and ran with it. Before you know it, we’ve got this great project for tracking and customizing our social media feeds.”

“It was even fun coming up with a name for the product,” said Cannon. “acilos is an anagram of social.” Acilos testers list as their favorite features the search function, the ability to create multiple custom feeds from specific people and groups or on specific topics, and the ability to “Blast” a post to all connected social media accounts at once. And it does all this while protecting your privacy.  “It’s an all-in-one time-saver,” explained Cannon.

acilos is completely open source. Its source is fully accessible and open for contributors to help develop the next levels of social interaction and to add their preferred social media accounts. “At Omnibond, we saw that the volume of social media content was getting hard for us to manage, so we developed a tool to make it easier. With our company commitment to the open source community, we decided it was worth sharing,” explained Wilson.

About acilos: acilos is an open source product developed and maintained by Omnibond, LLC. It combines social media feeds from multiple tools into a single interface, then gives you the power to filter, sort, ignore and combine them how YOU want them organized. acilos allows you to send a single post to multiple social media accounts, or even schedule them to go out at a future date and time. An analytics function makes it practical for business as well as use. For more information, visit

About Omnibond: Omnibond Systems, LLC, is a software engineering and support company focused on three major solution areas: Enterprise Solutions, Computer Vision Solutions and Personal Solutions. Omnibond is experienced in merging synergies from the academic, open source, and business communities. Our newest forays include acilos, a social valet, commercial-grade product services for OrangeFS, the next generation of PVFS for high-performance cluster computing, and TrafficVision, computer-vision traffic detection/monitoring for the transportation industry. We are committed to open source development. For more information visit

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